Discover the wholesale real estate resources we recommend.

Business Services

Looking for some extra assistance as you continue to grow your property portfolio? These resources can be a helpful leg up.

Better Your Best Labs

Better Your Best Labs is an Indianapolis-based provider of virtual assistant services for real estate investors. Save time and scale your profits (and business) by injecting some professional assistance into your business model. This is a resource that we highly recommend!

Phone: 877-249-4041


Looking for contractors in the Indianapolis market who you can actually trust? These are our recommendations.


Bildwise is a truly awesome company! If you’re familiar with the concept of a “Property” manager, think of these guys as a “Rehab” manager. If you are in need of a rehab for one of your properties in the Indianapolis market, but you don’t want to deal with the headache of contractors or managing the project yourself, you can hire Bildwise to do it for you! Brett, our CEO, has used these guys for his own personal flips in the past, and they are our #1 recommendation for out-of-state investors.

Contact:  Bruce White
Phone: 888-418-7282 Ext. 1003

Additional Contractor Resources

Taylor Made Services

John is a very nice, reliable contractor! He can do everything from ground up including plumbing, electrical, framing, and even small maintenance jobs. He is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Contact: John Drummond
Phone: 317-408-7637
Website: n/a

Home Staging

Home Matters

Contact: Holly Stokes
Phone: (317) 774-7025


Inspections are a critical component of real estate purchase and management. These are our recommendations.

US Inspect

Good Company. I like working with Ric. He is involved with the Local CIRIEA and comes highly recommended. They do Partial Inspections as well for investors for the larger items of the home only for under $200. He is an investor friendly inspector.

Contact: Ric Holder
Phone: (P)317-225-4651

Insurance Providers

Insurance options crafted to fit the needs of real estate investors.

REI Guard

Insurance is a powerful tool and can save thousands when used properly. REIGuard is the brand for the residential real estate insurance Program offered by National Real Estate Insurance Group, serviced by Affinity Group Management.

Contact: Michelle Tucker
Phone: (816) 398-4050

Financial Services

Interested in finding wholesale real estate financing solutions? Here, we’ve listed some of our go-to resources for this unique type of financing.

Aloha Capital LLC

Let’s face it -reliable hard money lenders can be difficult to find! That’s why we recommend Aloha Capital. Whenever one of our buyers have purchased a property from us using Aloha, the transaction has been easy and extremely smooth. If you’re looking for a hard money lender, these guys are the way to go!

Phone: 1.844.YES.ALOHA

Dominion Private Lending

Dominion is another private lending company that we’ve had personal experience with our buyer’s using. They offer multiple different funding options are a fantastic resource for using OPM. Definitely, check these guys out!


Lima One Capital, LLC

Lima is setting out to redefine the standard for hard money lending! They have several different lending packages that truly fit your investment needs. These are another fantastic financing group that understands the investor mindset, so definitely check them out!


Freeland Ventures

These guys fund it all -from fix-and-flip, to rehab-to-keep, transactional, small commercial and more, Freeland Ventures specializes in customizing their package to fit your specific needs. These guys are another fantastic option that you can trust!


Paramount Title

Paramount Title Agency is the best-in-class title agency servicing all of Michigan and Indiana. Our team has more than 50 years of collective experience in title services and the real estate industry.

Contact: Dan Bostick
Phone: (317) 671-4825
Fax: (248) 308-2632

Hocker & Associates LLC

Paramount Title Agency is the best-in-class title agency servicing all of Michigan and Indiana. Our team has more than 50 years of collective experience in title services and the real estate industry.

Contact: Attorney Jane Davis Hocker
Phone: (317) 559-4473

Meridian Title Corporation

In addition to its unparalleled customer focus, Meridian Title has the unique ability to issue title policies for a host of National and State Underwriters allowing options to best serve our customer’s needs and preferences. Meridian Title is one of the nation’s largest independent title agencies with over 75 years of experience in providing title insurance coverage, escrow closings, and real estate related services.

Contact: Jenna Majors
Phone: (O) (317) 770-5960 ext 8746
(C) (317) 417-9170

Best Transaction Funding

If you’re looking to wholesale real estate through the method of “double-closing,” and you’re in need of a transactional lender, look no further! Best Transactional Funding is one of the most notable transactional lenders out there! For those of you who might not know what “transactional lending” is, these are 1-day loans that can fund you closing on a property so that you can turn around and wholesale it to an end buyer the same day! This is one of the more solid ways to wholesale real estate, so don’t wait! Check these guys out right away!


Having access to a third party escrow account is essential for your real estate business. is an online platform that makes it super easy to set up an escrow account, and this account can be used to buy and sell in any state! If you’re an out-of-state investor and you’re looking for a reliable escrow company, these guys are for you!


Mountain States Escrow

For the few occasions where we sell one of our properties through owner-financing, we use Mountain States Escrows! These guys make owner-financing super simple. They provide the buyer a login so that they can check their loan balance whenever they’d like and they automatically handle the withdrawals, interest versus principal payment tracking and much, much more!


Property Management

Looking for property management companies to assist you as you build your real estate portfolio? Here, we offer recommendations of companies we trust.

Rob Rollins

Rob Rollins is by far one of the best property managers we’ve ever come across! Rob loves to be the “boots on the ground” for out of state investors, providing rehab estimates, inspections and giving you the confidence you need in a property manager!

Contact: Rob Rollins
Phone: (317) 999-8667

A Step Ahead Management

A Step Ahead Management comes highly recommended from some of our top buyers, as well as other highly respected wholesalers in the Indianapolis market. You can’t go wrong with these guys!

Contact: Chad Stickley
Phone: (317) 345-6273

FS Houses

FS Houses is an innovative real estate company owned and operated by Ryan and Ashley Mullin. FS Houses features a combined 20 years of experience (between the 2 founders) and a fresh new outlook on Indianapolis houses and neighborhoods.

Contact: Ryan Mullin
Phone: (317) 492-9025

BHB Group

BHB is a full service Real Estate company who’s mission is to serve their clients with filling the holes in their real estate business. Whether you need rehab, management, or even properties these guys do it all -and with integrity!

Contact: Larry Tracy
Phone: (317) 840-7797